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I don’t trust anyone!
I don’t trust anything!

Because I am following a Zero Trust Network Security model!

Perimeter Security

You might ask; I have a small business, do I really need to worry about Cyber Security? Yes! Especially for small businesses, protecting your data and more importantly, your customer’s data from data breaches is a must.

You should always find best practices to protect your business and personal data regardless of size of your business. Your data, if hacked, can ruin your business, your credit, your reputation and more. You could be personally liable for your customer data loss and incur financial damages, not to mention embarrassment and loss of credibility.

Let me give you a very simple scenario if your personal data were stolen. A hacker can file a fake tax return with your personal data (name. address, Social Security # , etc..) that shows lots of expenses and little income to be eligible for a big tax refund and get money back from the government.

Guess what happens to you if that were to happen; YOU will be responsible to give the money back to IRS. YOU will need to prove that it wasn’t actually you who filed this tax return. YOU have to spend lots of time and accept to have some financial and credit damages before any of this can be corrected. This has happened to many people whom I know.

We at IT21ST can show you many ways to protect your business data. Try us for a free consultation and free network security scan.