Los Angeles Best IT Services Provider

Why IT21ST?

For over three decades we have created and sustained a culture that puts the client’s interests first.  We have been passionate about treating our clients as friends and going the extra miles when it was necessary without costing them additional expenses.  How did we do this? what is the secret sauce you may ask?  The answer is the right people with the right heart.  We care for them and they care for you and your business.  That is why majority of our clients and team have been with us for over 20 years. With our headquarters in Encino and our Los Angeles office, we are able to cater to our clients in greater Los Angeles area. 

Our solutions are designed to consider your current and future growth and most of all to be affordable and reliable.  Our processes are honed to deliver what is promised and exceed your expectations and make sure all T’s are crossed and the I’s are doted.

In today’s fast pace business environment responsiveness is the most desired commodity.  We make sure that your questions are answered right away, your staff is assisted when the need arises and your fires and emergencies are put out immediately.

To maximize up-time, our IT Managed Services is designed to be proactive and perform network monitoring on 24x7x365 basis. Last but not the least our consultation is Free and we offer Free Network Security analysis.

We live by ERIC principles:

In doing an outstanding job helping our customers thrive

Respect and appreciate the trust put on us by our customer. Respect our Customers, Employees, and Vendors

Honesty and truthfulness in our work

Customer Focus
Customer Focus as our core belief of putting customers always first