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Ken McKently

Position: President, McKently Malak Architects, Inc.
Categories: Testimonials

Keeping an architectural firm with 40 employees running smoothly requires that all of our systems function at maximum capacity. The performance of our IT infrastructure is critical for us to effectively design, manage and store documents as well as transfer work to our Clients and Consultants. For 15 years we have relied on IT21ST to guide us through the ever evolving tech landscape. IT21ST’s responsiveness to security threats and compatibility issues as they have come up has always been immediate and effective. As we continue to grow, to move segments of our processes to the cloud and continue to streamline our onsite resources we will be sure to rely on IT21ST to move us forward.

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Thank you. Your request was received. We will scan your company domain based on the provided email and create a report for you. One of our security engineers will be in touch with you to go over the report.