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Providing secure data access seamlessly and without complexity to all users has always been our number one priority! For years that task was accomplished in a secure physical environment (office) with proper security measures in place. Those included  having multiple servers, switches, Routers, layers of Firewall,  security appliances, and more.  We recently migrated our customer’s server and all their data into the cloud, in this case, SharePoint at a fraction of replacing their servers!  We now are focusing at the endpoints (employee devices and data) while keeping the data safe in the cloud!

In this study, we demonstrate how we saved our client money by migrating their data to SharePoint. Our customer , a construction company, was looking for a solution that would replace their server, give their superintendent and foremen secure access to the data, and eliminate complexity for them. Coauthoring documents was also important to them when they worked on bids and projects.

Using their Microsoft 365 subscription, the client has access to office applications, email, and more. Additionally, 1TB of cloud storage was included as part of the license. As part of their existing license, each user was also entitled to 1TB of OneDrive storage.

We knew this was going to be the right decision!

This project involved the creation of multiple SharePoint sites and document libraries. For internal communications with their field employees as well as their office staff, we designed and developed an Intranet site. It was necessary to discuss privacy and security with their executives to ensure that they matched their Windows Active Directory.

Every individual workstation received migrated and synchronized data (on demand to save space). Moreover, their employees were trained on SharePoint so the migration would be seamless and painless.

SharePoint offers the following benefits:

  • The ability to scale without incurring additional costs
  • A government-level trust in data security
  • Collaboration: Sharing files both internally and externally
  • Increasing productivity by enabling co-authorship

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